Friday, May 16, 2008

People are hard to comprehend..

isnt it so true? people are just such complex creatures. some are good, some bad, some so fake, some just think so big about themselves that it's sickening to listen to them talk. not to mention those that thinks they know a lot, and gone through a lot, and makes no qualms about letting people around them know it. the thing is, "a wise eagle hides its talons" this is a saying that means, a wise man/woman never shows their true strength but only shows it when it is needed. but, while we view people that way, we might just have some of those qualities too. i guess everyone has the good and evil in them. it's just up to us to act one which side, would we be good? or would we be bad? or are we the type that couldn't care less what people around us think or feel?

i care about what people think or feel. but i guess i'm vindictive at heart. i care for those who deserve it. step on my tail once, say sorry, i'm ok. but u do that too many times, i'm sure to snap back one day.

while all of us friends do get sarcastic with each other(and we all know perfectly that it's just for laughs), it is NOT OK to be sarcastic all the time. when a person sincerely asks a question, they deserve to be answered with respect. NOT to be treated with sarcasm. can u imagine, u sincerely ask a question to which u desperately need an answer for, eg :: "hey, why did the lecturer start the lectures so early?" only to be sarcastically answered back, "it's not like u listen to the lectures anyway." i don noe, once or twice is something to laugh about i guess. but all the time? the person asking the question would be fed up don u think?

another thing which concerns me is that, some people are those kind that will just simply leave their life behind n start a new one. what i mean is that, there are people who could just simply forget about their friends, and leave them behind, then start to get to know new friends. i happen to know a friend who could do this. he just kinda slips away into some other state after our STPM and nobody heard where he went to. although we knew he had problems before that and try to help him, but he just slips further and further away. irresponsible and childish, no? but who are we to judge how he should live his life? a friend can only do so much to help. i guess we sorta forgot about him after that, since our help was not welcome. lol..

well, i'm not a saint, i realise i do have my own faults. but all i noe is that, while i do complain about my life being boring, and hard, i do realise what i feel now is just a mere barrier compared to what i'm going to face in the future. career and relationships. i don think the hardships i have now can even be compared to what my parents went through last time. 23 years old is quite young still, and i have a lot more to learn.

i guess this topic is a little controversial. but it's just a thought. don think too much about it.


ck said...

f3.... this is life... and these are humans... difficult to understand and "vicious" at times... u'll nvr know when u'll get back stabbed or betrayed.... hopefully it wun happen around us though.... so we'll have to be careful at all times and take good care of ourselves...

if someone do something bad to us and then we took revenge back, are we any different from them ? hmmm.... juz wondering ...

dominiqueban said...

that question and answer seems famliar to me..i think it was from me..but it was about sth else...LOL..but u did a great job thinking of a question which masked the original one perfectly and yet manage to deliver the mood and feel that is supposed to surface...woot! somehow siapa makan cili padi dia yang rasa pedas rite?

i'm going to be frank wasn't intentional...LOL..i wasn't a joke also..i'm just being myself...the rest i think you could be able to feel it yourself..LOL..

why am i making it as if it is some kind of confession..LOL..i just assume it was me..and i make it sound as if it is really me...anyway, if it is really me den my answer is as above..


p.s. sometimes, we should really think carefully whether are we at the wrong before we make extra comments on someone..

( joyce now must be thinking " yea right as usual kill him also dowan lose" )

Joyce said...

CK > yea... it's not good to have revenge.. but it's kinda hard to just forget what people did to u huh? well, forgive but don forget? <3

Ban > LOL... this applies to a lot of ppl la.. just feel that there are times when it's not ok to be sarcastic. the question is a very random question which portrays a lot of similar situations. and.. errr i din think anything also about ur post O.o

yuki tenshi said...

there was this 1 time i went starbucks wif my bro, n i asked him if he 1 a coffee. N his replied was "wa tu bo lim kopi eh la" zzz

the way he ans it was like i adi knew he doesnt drink coffee n i was only asking him a stupid ques. well, it's not really sarcastic, but it's rude to me. N i snapped at him, since he's my younger bro anyway, blek.

ok, back to ur post. sometimes being sarcastic has become a habit to a certain person dat they dun even realize it when they r actually being sarcastic. there was dis 1 gal which i knew back in college. she tend to ans almost everything we asked her with sarcasm. even normal conversation were full of sarcasm. all of us got annoyed but den we realize she didnt do it on purpose. to her it was a normal conversation or a normal ans. well, we somehow got used to it, but once in a while we still get annoyed and snapped back at her, blek.

anyway, if u r really uncomfortable with the way they talk or ans you, mayb you should try voice it out to dem. if that dun work den LET THE SARCASM WAR BEGINS!!~~ ^^V

Joyce said...

lol... maybe should just put it out in the open huh? sigh.. but a habit is a habit.. it's hard to change. oh well, that's juz life.