Monday, May 12, 2008

ramblings.. and boredom..

just found out that boredom can lead to many problems. when u're bored, u tend to be a little cranky.. and tend to snap at others for whatever small reasons. especially if that reason is something that u hate. or something that makes u feel even more bored. my formula goes like this ::

+ no classes
+ no part time work
+ only 1 one-hour piano lessons every week
= unhappy, cranky, grumpy boring Joyce.

unless it's during the times i spent with "YOU". loving it every minute. if flies by so fast.. wish i could capture it and freeze time.

anyway.. i miss my college friends. i wanna spend more time with them.. sob.. miss the times we made fun in class so much!! somehow.. problems do not seem to exist whenever i'm with them. we had so much fun. one thing about my college friends, i feel that they don expect much out of each other. and respect was always there. and when one has a problem, even though we don expect each other to help out, but we still do. somehow, we don feel pressured helping each other out. and birthdays are always celebrated, even though it's not on the bday gal/guy's tab. it's so nice thinking back to all the birthdays we had together.. we had so much fun.. miss each and everyone of u, chen yi, ann gie, junie, ee lin, ying, huei, ee lin, and not to forget zhu guan.. i guess without him, it's not going to be as fun as he's always the one cranking jokes.

and chen yi is leaving for australia soon. gonna miss her heaps *cries silently* gonna miss the mountains on her face, and also the way her eyes shine when she sees food. (i admit i'm like that too.. though i wont show it in front of her =p)

i will still b seeing junie, ann gie, and ee lin more, since we all ended up in INTI together. as usual, we'll be helping each other out. i am so so thoroughly GLAD that we're in Degree together. saves the trouble of getting to understand new coursemates. aim for AUSTRALIA gals!! let's aim for that scholarship together!!

"i fell in love with ur eyes, u noe? it never fails to fascinate me"
with a tender look in his eyes, the guy pauses, took the gal's face in his palms, and replied,
" i fell in love with you"
he had no idea what that did to the girl.. smiling mistily, almost close to crying, all she can do is hug him. expecting him to reply something else altogether, she never knew he could feel so much, what his eyes could reveal so much when he said those words. if there were any doubts before of his love towards her, the look in his eyes when he said those six words washed them away.

above was a part i took out of some novel i'm reading. and yes, it's a "ham sup" novel (courtesy to ban's nickname for most of the romance novels i bought)

well... nothing else to write.. so gonna end this post. tata!

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Chen Yi said...

an emo post! sigh how happy times fly! it's scary isn't it... in no time we'd be 50 and our kid is 20.. LOL ok i'm exaggerating but still. hmm.. i wonder if our blogs could have a live span that long? it would be cool wouldn't it if our children get to read about their mama's life through our blogs now! hahaha cool! ok stop pinching me i know i've digressed too far..

how are you gonna celebrate yr bday??? how how how? sigh will surely miss you bunch of groupmates. forever so cooperative and competent. hope i meet good mates in UWA.. it's so essential in group assignments! i hope i don't meet a nerd though, the kind who takes everything so seriously. i'd be stressed out working with him/her.. people like you guys are just perfect!

muah see you soon girl!