Monday, June 2, 2008

My Birthday Bash....

..... and i hope i can remember what happened for the past one week.

my birthday was celebrated first together with ann gie's birthday on the 24th of may.. met up with my college friends :: ann gie, chen yi, junie, ee lin, shi huei, ying ying and zhu guan at gurney plaza to enjoy a movie together. well, we arrived early, so went to our favourite dine in spot, Kim Gary. haha.. i guess i will always think back to our memories there whenever i go to kim gary for a meal in the future. *emo emo*

shi huei, ying, me & the ever cheeky chen yi.

lurrrve this pic! ee lin & junie (guess whose fingers are they??)

ee lin, junie, jocelyn (our surprise guest!) & ann gie

okayy... chen yi seems to be harboring some sinister intent.

true enough, she said something to provoke me. this is me lecturing her XD

well, even we look somewhat similar in this pic. looks like sisters hmm? ^_^

we did enjoy our time in kim gary by chatting, sipping our drinks, and "zo-siao"-ing. but... DO NOT ever eat the fries there. below is the picture of it, compliments to chen yi's camera skills, but it doesnt taste as good as it looks. in fact, it's the opposite of good =_=

u can see by the color of the fries that it's erm.. somewhat soggy? and looks like the chef reused and reused the oil to fry it. turns out the fried is not golden, but brownish black in color. =_= eew!

the drinks at kim gary still remains the same though. still just as nice. ~lemon honey~ying yong~milo sha peng~ wheeee~~ yummy!

so after kim gary, we proceeded to the cinema for Indiana Jones... the show was great.. but ALIENS???? =.= ending wasn't of satisfactory level. i meant, it's freaking EL-DORADO!! what we all remembered it to be was a city of gold!!! a city of eternal structures!! not a city of 'the-descend-of-aliens-gave-us-knowledge-unknown-to-all-mankind' oh well, it is fiction. so anything goes huh? still prefer the previous Indy shows. and did i mention grandpa Harrison Ford looks so old? but i have to commend him on his bravery of pulling off this famous series again at his age. he did a somewhat good performance overall.

i felt a little groggy after the show and lost my balance(thanks to the helpful small steps in the cinema at the back of my heels) and ALMOST FELL DOWN!

Groggy + Heels + small steps = humpty dumpty

luckily chen yi was quick enough to grab hold of me. if she wasnt there, it would be quite an embarassing situation that i wouldnt wanna talk about =.= so, i wanna thank chen yi for being my heroine of the day!! mwahs~~ <3

after the movie, we proceeded to City Bayview. on the way out of gurney mall, a friend of mine, dominique, claimed that he saw me at the exit of Kelawai Road and waved at me like a madman, but i didnt notice. okay... i am very VERY BLUR when i am driving. to the point of being ignorant of my surroundings. and all the more so when chen yi is in the car. she's enough as a distraction with all those singing and err.. non stop chattering. have to extend my thanks to Ann Gie. she treated all of us to dinner at revolving restaurant.. it was an experience! though i felt a little disorientated at first, coz i couldn't find my table after i went to the buffet table to grab the food. lol!

the ever cute Ann Gie and Ee Lin. both cucu ku yang tersayang. Hoho!

this is me getting all hyped up when i finally sat down with the food. wheeeee~

the three musketeers? or muskrats?

okaay... i simply love this pic. cyi u look so cute!! ee lin shoo!! i wanna take a picture with cyi only!

finally took a picture.. HEY!!! WHERE DID U COME FROM HAR!! bad ee lin >.< here comes the cakie!!! ee lin's idea was brilliant. she and chen yi took various pieces of cakes from the buffet table and stuck the letters of HAPPY BIRTHDAY into it! look how cute and quaint it looks!! love it! simply brilliant.

chen yi... i love the effects of this picture. great job!

the birthday gals!!! both May babies.. though i'm 3 years earlier. haha!

ann gie.. why do u look scared of the camera? LOL.

the card that they chose for me. obviously it's chen yi's brilliant idea.. I DO NOT HAVE WRINKLES. i may have it in the future, but it's still far away! grr!!

zhu guan, ying ying, and shi huei gave me this necklace. love it~ hmm.. but it reminds me of the maple cashy snow wand. ~.~

my gifts! inside the Face Shop box is a mask (how typical.. chen yi, ee lin, ann gie and junie is trying to remind me that i'm old already and need the lifting mask! grrrr!) but! i love it none the less. it's a useful gift! since people say prevention is better than cure, so.. i shall start preventing my face sagging from now onwards XD

we were all full by the time we're done. it was such an enjoyable day for me. thanks to ann gie, and most of all, thanks to all my sincere college friends. my birthday celebration wouldn't be that amazing without u guys. friends for life, no matter where we end up!

i wanna post pictures of the food in city bayview here, but i think this post has gotten way too lengthy. *cyi... u have officially infected me with the lengthy post syndrome* and.. there's more to write on my bday celebration with CK and the gang. i'll leave that to the next post.

au revoir~~


ck said...

memang banyak panjang lol.... 2 more parts to go ? lol

ck said...

hmmm the fries look ok from the pic but u say until like NVR touch it hahah...but reused oil is zzz see liao also bo lalu sometimes......

dear y so bo siao sim... f3... thx to cyi lucky ma bo fall... if not u sure $^)&*&*#$$^%&%&*(#$%^&*) d LOL... cyi dun snatch joyce away hor .... u be heroine i be hero hahah

the birthday cake was kind of special ... reminds me off the birthday cake of ban... where they went to buy a box of ice cream and stuck in whole bunch of candles for him..

Chen Yi said...

hahaha didnt know i was the heroine of the day. aiseh aiseh.

*stares at Joyce with transfixed and electrifying eyes* Joyce, i think i am that secret guardian angel that God has picked to protect you in times of emergency. Serious.
Shhh don't tell God i disclose this to you ok.

Joyce said...

cyi> as usual u baffle me with ur comments

CK > u'll always be my hero~

Chen Yi said...

how come u didn't upload any of the group photos? thanks junie for the series of spontaneous shots in kim gary. me hearty!

Joyce said...

forgot about it =.=

dominiqueban said...

my cake better la..LOL..." ICE CREAM" cake leh...f3..

I did waved!! but not like a MADMAN!!

sisters meh? the one of the right(>>) is like 1000000000x prettier den the one on the left(<<)...

Joyce said...

sob i noe chen yi is a beauty, but don put it like that ma.. T_T where can compare a beauty with a normal person de T_T