Thursday, June 12, 2008

Remaining Birthday Celebration

after the celebration with ann gie and college friends in the revolving restaurant in city bayview, comes the real birthdate itself. i celebrated the 27th night together with CK, though at that time it seemed a little anticlimatic compared to the birthday celebration with the gang in college(probably bcoz the more the merrier?) but!! it was a nice and memorable birthday celebration too.. ^^ well, dinner was at Jopin(or Japin) in Queensbay Mall.. {i must take this opportunity to sae that we both will never ever go back to that restaurant ever again bcoz the food sucks} after dinner, we didnt go anywhere after that and went home bcoz someone planned something for me which.... i ended up terkurung inside my computer room for an hour before 0000 hours. and guess what he did?

the crazy guy spent the one hour sticking those luminous stars on the ceiling of my bedroom. lol.. how wonderful! i remember that i did mention i never had any of those things before and now, my wish came true!! and i can make wishes anytime i want to now that i have my personal shooting star. ^_^ and, those stars are lighting up my bedroom now, i wont feel so scared of the dark anymore. muuaacks darling~

but before seeing the present he prepared for me, i was to blow out the candles on the tiramisu.. finished the cake after 4 days =.='' getting fatter n fatter as time goes by.. oh no!! need gam fei!!

finally took a shot together. now that i look at myself clearly, i think i really need to diet =.= Even CK is thinner than me. why do i gain so much when i eat so little!! compared to the mountain of food CK consumes EVERYDAY and NEVER gets fat =.= UNFAIR!!! T_T

well, the dinner in queensbay wasnt the initial plan actually.. we actually planned to go to Tao in Autocity for dinner, but since 27th is a weekday, and Ck has to work the next day, we decided to go during the weekends. no jams, no fuss, and we can enjoy our time without rushing. if we were to go during my birthdate itself, i cannot imagine the jam on the bridge at 7pm *shudders* no thanks! i wont spend my birthday cursing at jams and stressing myself up in the end.

so, after that 27th, comes the 28th. i met up with CK, Ban, Amy, and Mr. Ano at the Town Steamboat Bbq. sorry for the pictureless events at this paticular night, but amy has been trying to send me the pictures and msn seems to hate us, causing transfer errors all the time. and now, i don really give a shyt anymore on whether i get the pictures or not, thanks to msn and their sucky service. (over exaggerating a little, but kek khi tiao..) well, i didn treat them, but they still celebrate it with me! muacks them. so good ^_^ i think i don have to describe what i had there, as i assume most of us already have a fairly good idea of what the food is like. yea, the usual sizzle the meat or boil it to readiness sort of food. but it's what happened there that's really priceless. after the meal, we went to take scoops of ice cream and desserts(mainly ice cream most of the time) Upon seeing the rainbow-ish ice cream, an excited Mr Anonymous said "wow! look like paddlepop!" the following events goes like this ::

Mr Ano : Paddlepop!
Me : yea. looks like paddlepop icecream
Mr Ano : (singing the song) Paddlepop, whee!!
Paddlepop, whoo!!!

i suddenly heard a *whoosh*pang!!!* and turned to Mr Ano. all i can see is his hand holding the chopsticks but the person is no where to be seen. @.@ Mr Ano, upon completing the paddlepop song, is sitting on the floor, his chair skidded to god noes where. LOLOLOL!!!!! Ban, after taking the sight in, quickly turned to face me n CK. he was clearly trying not to laugh out loud. i was practically stunned and was trying so hard not to laugh myself too. amy had the (O.o) expression. HOWEVER!! our efforts to not laugh was simply destroyed when we turned to CK and saw him laughing his heads off. we all broke out in a non stop laughter(the kind where ur eyes get watery, and ur face color becomes a shade lighter than that of a tomato) well, Mr Ano shouldn have sat on two legs, as the floor there was quite oily. it's only natural for the two legs to skid and deliver ur cute bottom to the floor. luckily he wasn't badly hurt. i guess it was his pride that suffered.
after all tat commotion, it was time to go back. and did i mention that one of us ate for free?? hahahah!! as Mr Ano was late upon arriving we only paid 4 person's share instead of 5. whee!!

well, the last bday dinner i had was at Tao, as i mentioned above. went there on a Sunday, and both of us ate to our heart's content there. the fruits was nice- i am guessing that they gave us top grade fruits so that we fill our stomache with it and wont be able to consume much of the main course. what a ploy!! but, that's just my guess. ok, of course i wasnt that stupid to eat too much fruit til i wont be able to enjoy the dishes there. as i already had pictures of the food from my visit there during Amy's Birthday, i didn take pictures of it this time. here are some of it ::

the Buttered Fish, CK's favourite. if i can recall, he ate two pieces of this sweet and not to mention oily dish.

everyone's all time favourite!!! Grilled Salmon! ^.^

The Grilled Lamb was surprisingly tender and nice. though it's below par compared to the one i had in Chilli's or TGIF, but for a fusion restaurant to pull it off, not bad!

Abalone!!! heck,the garnishing looks like it was made for kids. =.='' sprinkled colorful confetti on top of mayonaise.

the Chawan Mushi!!!! served in cute cute cute cute CUUUUUUUUTE cups! ^.^

one of my favourites! Salmon Papaya. who would have thought that salmon taste so nice together with papaya?

another of my favourite. Cheesy Crabmeat (if i'm not mistaken. forgot what the real name is)

of course, there are other dishes, but the pictures were a little blur. those mentioned above are a must try. and of course, at the end of a dinner, there will be desserts!!!! namely, ICE CREAM!!!

the pistachio ice creams look nice in color, and taste just as nice too!! very aromatic and not so sweet. just perfect!

well, as i see it, my birthday celebrations lasted for a week!! woaaahh!! nice!! and i felt happy and thankful that i had so many friends to celebrate it with. only setback is that i cant celebrate it with my parents as they shd be the guest of honour. come to think of it, birthdays should be celebrated with parents. can u imagine how hard it is to bring u in this world and to raise u up from a baby to full grown adult? how dangerous it is(for the mother at childbirth)? how time consuming? how much work involved? how much money?

after all the celebrations, my life sort of took a anticlimatic turn. biasa la.. sure emo wat after being the spotlight of the week and then back to the normal daily routine of sleep, eat, computer and sleep again. i wish everyday's my birthday!!! T_T OK.. i'm starting to sound pathetic and selfish.

so, in case i continue rambling on about how i wish everyday was my birthday, i bid u guys Adieu! and Au Revoir!


ck said...

Hmm.. if bo 'lock' u inside the room, how to prepare the present leh. f3 While u were being 'terkurung', i was sweating and receiving calls non stop.. thx to slut kor and ban dee for the calls and add to the swtness... climb ladder half way... pring~pring~ climb down take phone and climb eh si and here comes the call again =.= anyway... hope u like the prezzie and the moments of being "terkurung" LOL. it might be the one and only time hor f3 hahaha

tat paddlepop song is really onz... while he was singing.. i was thinking, "woah so onz sing song summore lol..." after tat i was laughing like crazy... until stomache also beh cope leh piang~ ban la i see him i started laughing d...anyway slut kor, feeling sorry for ur butt but it managed to entertain us all wor *tat la hor f3* nvm next round ban eh turn ^_^

Dann said...

Paise, wasnt being able to attend your bday celebration.

Reading it itself already got me laughing... Something like that definitely cant hold me back. Laugh till stomach cramp? I miss the fun!!! Sob sob... =(

xaen said...

ah ha! curi the pics from my bday and post it here... copywrited 1 le... must pay must pay... haf to appreciate the hardwork of the photographer oso le... =P

Chen Yi said...

wow, so sweet of yr bf! u sure u didn't take a peep at what he was doing? if i were you i'd certainly not be able to sit or stand still hahaha prolly just lie on the bedroom door waiting for the moment he opens the door and reveal the surprise LoL spoiler memang :P

whoa u mean the ppl form town steamboat didnt take into account the presense of dr.ano so the bill was just for 4? wawawa how come so blur one. blur-er than me. didnt they recount when you guys made the payment?

hey is that the TAO buffet that ppl have been gushing about? how much is it? is it more expensive during weekends? lunch? dinner? hahah sorry ha ask so many questions u know i'm always unrestrained when it comes to FOOOODDDDD :D

Joyce said...

Cyi> believe me, i was so dam curious, but of course i did not peek. don waste his effort ma. lol.. yea.. and i think i would be lying in wait in front of the bedroom door too. hahahah!

CK> u bad sia!!! kurung me. and while i'm writing this, i think u must still be sleeping at home. =.= say nia wanna come early HNG!!

Dann> yea.. it's a shame u cant be there. T_T but u working night shift ma.. so no choice ler...

Amy> yea!! pictures were really great. nice job, amy!! thank god u took pics of it. arboh if i were to rely on my phone, =.=''

dominiqueban said...

we love paddle pop!!!!

karenlee said...

so sweet of him..very thoughtful bf u have..XD..
stay sweet!