Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Jan 2006 Intake farewell bbq!!!

have been keeping this in draft for a week now.. wanna wait til chen yi sent me the pictures then blog bout it. we had a bbq party on the 27th Feb. it was actually a farewell party for us jan 2006 intake for the DBS course(business students all ^^) well, it turned out that not only the jan intake was there, but also the march and may intake. (i think there were more of the march intake compared to the jan and may intake combined) it was so fun that nite!! i guess around 30-35 of us turned up that bbq do..

look at this pic ::

ok, expectedly, the venue was at the beachside, crown prince hotel. so i left home at 6pm, fetched chen yi at gurney, then proceeded to crown prince. we reached at around 6.45..... which only vince, his friend alfred, wei keong and another friend was around. =.='''' i should have remembered that it's MALAYSIANS we're talking about here. vince and alfred was just digging the barbeque pit. zzz.. ::

lolz... i look like i'm trying to kick a hole on the sand.. oh well... i did succeed didn i? with help from a shovel, of course. =p

at around 7.00 to 7.30, zhu guan, ann gie, ee lin, ying ying and shi huei turned up to the beach side. yay!! and as usual, ying ying got bullied again. haha.. we were trying to push her into the water.

so... we were just fooling around waiting for edward and vince to finish building the fire, and managed to take other snapshots(which i look ugly, so i'm not uploading the image >.<) the others arrived at approximately 7.30 - 7.45.. hence, we started barbequeing at around 8pm. while waiting for the charcoal to really heat up, we had some fried bee hoon, and some fried nuggets(i have no idea who brought it,could possibly be vince) chen yi brought over a full plate of it to share(muahs chen yi~~ she's so nice sometimes ;p) anyway, i was just mentioning to shi huei and chen yi that the air feels cold, like it was gonna hujan... chen yi, as usual, her trademark, "choiii!" said better not! so we were chatting away, happily eating the plate of bee hoon and nuggets when, i felt the first few drops. it rained!!!! zzzz of all days to rain, it rained on this day. we quickly packed up, and jason lo, known to us all as j.lo(and his butt isnt even as big as jennifer's =.='') suggested that we go to his home to continue the bbq. yipee!!

well, i always believed that the fun part of bbq-ing is actually the cooking part... so, i ended up cooking most of the nite, and kinda forgot to eat the food itself. ok, let's see, i think i ate most of the hotdogs, and totally ignored the chicken. =_= and ended up being hungry when i got back home. lolz... but it was a fun nite. thanks to vince n j.lo for organizing it.


ck said...

important thing.... is fun and everyone enjoyed it.... ^^ <3

Chen Yi said...

miss ANGELIC (without the A, N and C lol) what's with the sometimes??? did u bold it incidentally or what? *innocent looking*

dominiqueban said...

OK....this is what u have been saving in ur draft for weeks?? apala...i chin chai write also longer than u la..=.=..i was expecting a super long entry that i read 3 days 3 nights also cannot finish...mana zai...511 words nia?? =.=...haiz..(really no gif face hor..bo huat la...i have to release my anger bcos she had been telling me about this entry since..since...GOD knows when...den end up i see LIKE THAT NIA)

Joyce said...

cyi >> u noe what i mean ^^

Ban>> actually very long wan... but i cut short it.. i dowan my blog to be too long n boring. if really wanna write about it, i think could be very very long with i think close to 20 pictures, and might be more than 2000 words... so, i thought, i might be better off doing something else. f3

ck >> mwahs <3

Shu said...

nice farewell.
i see my bro. haha so big liao. so fast complete diploma course d.