Saturday, March 1, 2008

Makan! jangan tak makan! =x

lolz.. that's what i told my bro. coz there were some leftovers of this delicious baked potato salad. looks nice huh? dad ate it til cannot eat his dinner =x but he complained that not enuf cheese. i think i used the wrong cheese to make it. used cheddar instead of parmesan. should have bought parmesan. but it is so dam expensive. RM 28.80 for a block(around 300 grammes?) cooking is expensive -.-

ok, enuf about the makan part. i actually did one stupid thing 2 days ago. actually, it's more towards idiotic than stupid. i NPC-ed(means sold it to a non playable character) my BAZURA(a lvl 98 overall for my mage). and why am i so stressed? coz it took me many hopes to try to scroll it to the stats i had had. 18 intelligence points! and i bombed (boomed) 3 bazuras before i got to the one i had b4 i npc it. and for u guys who don know the currency in maple story, npc the bazura = 300k mesos. but if u sell it to others = a possible 25-30m? zzzzzzzzz u do the maths. i actually cried about it. =.='' yea, swt right? it's just a game. but still.. it took me a lot of luck and hope to be able to scroll it. sigh.. but what's done is done. cannot undo it right?

anyways, i wish i'm rich T_T so that i can afford to spend money on nonsense stuffs and not feel guilty bout it. for instance, the maple cash? -.- look how nice i look if only i could have cash items T_T ::

hmmm... i guess enuf for today.

au revoir again!!


ck said...

hmmm it's good to see u smile and back to normal dear...done ma done d lo... forget bout it. maybe u'll have something better in the future..

got cash items so exp... ur char (behind) dunno worth how many ppc d lo... f3

Joyce said...

kiam siap =.= sobs

Shu said...

joyce, i want buy ppc oso no chance to buy. even more pek chek for a cash spammer like me.
do u know ppl in fm telling me "last time always see you on mega, now no more mega?"
anyway, i feel your pain. *hugs* glad u feel better now.

dominiqueban said...

aiks paiseh...tonight i wana cry is a song that make ppl cry...pls dun listen...zzz...

anyway, those potatoes look good..too bad i dun get to taste it...LOL..

spending money in maple is erm...pointless?!?! haha...but i myself spent a lot ...LOL...

Shirley Khor said...

I'm not a Maple kaki, so I dunno a single u'r talking about :-/ But that potato salad sure looks delicious :P"