Tuesday, November 6, 2007

EXAMS! and all the dread it brings ....

had the most boring weekend and week day of my life. last weekend was filled with studying. *dorts* yea... boring. BORINGGGGGG! hmm... exams are around the corner, but i'm already thinking of what to do after that. swimming in ann gie's place!!! *wheeeeeee* barbecue! *double wheeeee* hmmmm am sick now... been down with flu since sunday night. skipped monday class, and ended up with fever today. zzzzzz this is not good. i am weak! gotta get more vitamins? LAWL..

exams!!! i think that's why i'm sick. i think i'm cursed to have exam blues. i am always sick whenever exam's approaching. think must have been some teacher which i made angry in my past life. could be cursed by that. =.=

btw, did i mention that i am so dead? i only managed to finish reading/doing statistics 2. and now, i am focusing on finance. and i don know what the paper is trying to tell me =.=ll swtness. i missed the last lesson with mr mark! sob... he seems like a nice person to talk to. very funny la this sir. but the questions he gave... =.='' all KBKK questions. ah mark wan fail us meh. !!!!!!!

but even though exams are around the corner, i'm happy!!! coz after that i get to be free again!! hehe... maybe go on badminton spree... mr kwan toh kit better watch out.. u're gonna be my smashing target. muahahahahahhaha.. >.< hmmm... barbecue the whole nite? by the beach? or maybe take a drive to juru and see what is there... been planning to go there long time ago.
*dongggggggg* come back joyce. get ur focus back to E-X-A-M-S!! =.=

been listening to oldies recently. this song was recommended to me by mr kwan:

It's turning out just another day
I took a shower and I went on my way
I stopped there as usual
had a coffee and pie
when i turned to leave
i couldn't believe my eyes
standing there i didn't know what to say
without one touch
we stood there face to face

(And) i was dying indside to hold you
i couldn't believe what i felt for you
dying inside i was dying inside
but i couldn't bring myself to touch you

you said hello
then u asked my name
i didn't know if i should go all the way
inside i felt my life have really changed
i knew that it would never be the same
standing there i didn't know what to say
first time looked away when i whispered your name

one hello changed my life
i didn't believe in love at first sight
but you've shown me what is life
and I now i know my love (i know it's coming right)

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Chen Yi said...

i know how it feels!
i've been er.. setting an imaginary list of things to do after exams already. woohoo..
the thought of them excites me..
but the thought of having to go through exams before that.....leaves me in gloom -_-