Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I’M FREEE!!!!! Finally!!! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!~ hmmm…. Been kinda wandering around aimlessly past few days after the exam.. and went kai kai too ^^ somehow, this holiday seemed a little bit boring.. why is it that I have so many agendas on my mind when I’m studying for exams but when it’s really over, I sorta forgot all about the places I wanna go, and end up with the word “cincai la, go anywhere also can”. =.=’’

I think I noe why, no $$. Zzzzzz sucks.

Cyi have been complaining I didn blog when I have the free time now.. sorry noh, lil sistah.. ur big sis been playing maple and going out after exams. So, don really have the time to blog.. but don worry, there’s gonna be a lot to blog after I come back from langkawi.. I’ll be saving my blogs in Words first, then will publish it when I reach pg… gonna miss u guys!!! Sobs. =’’(

One weird and funny(if not, unlucky) thing happened two nites ago. I got stuck between my apartment door and the iron gate when I was attempting to go out. Stupid me, I forgot to bring the keys out, and locked myself out. Not really outside, but not really inside either.. I was in between!!!!!!! And cant do anything about it. Zzz this is one sedih case, which I think I would laugh at if it were to happen to other friends. But hey, it taught me one lesson :: I learnt an 007 skill that nite!! My friend n I tried to use a card (poor sushi card, it’s bent beyond recognition. But at least, after the bad food there, it’s still got a use!!!) well, we did try it for a long time, and my friend gave up, saying “takkan so easy to open meh” =.=’’ but I didn give up!!! (the obstinate me refused to give up. Dunno why, but I got a feeling that it’s gonna open up anytime soon) and what do you know… it really did. I was talking and laughing all the way when I was trying to get the card at the right angle, and suddenly, out of a sudden, click! the door opened up!!!! I was so stunned that I stared at it for a second before rejoicing!!! Lol this is what u call a PRO at work. ^^

I still keep the card, it proves lucky!!! It’s gonna be my lucky card. ^.^

Ok, it’s a little bit late for this, but, JAY’S NEW ALBUM ROCKS!! Not to mention that his undecipherable uttering are back!! That’s the way, ah huh ah huh! Love those undecipherable utterings. It’s soooo his style! Here’s my favourite song from the album ::

it's a sad song, but hey, sad songs are the best songs right? ^^


Chen Yi said...

I thought u quit maple d? now hook to it again? lol.... go out? go paktoh la, to be exact. :P

and how did u open yr door with a sushi card... zzzz is it possible? it shouldnt be rite? so easy meh? teach me yr 007 skill the next time we meet..have to learn from u since i'm so blur it wouldnt be surpirsing if i lock myself out too one day. touchwood.

yeah i love this song too. hooked to it. it's my ring tone now muahhaaa.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! Not gonna meet you for another month. Hope you'll miss me lol.

ck said...

lol... lucky nia... f3..but good thing u din give up if not ...>.< "lucky" sushi card works hahaha...rmb to keep it with u all the time ... in case tiok lock again ^^ (touchwood) f3

Shu said...

Omg ur door so easy to open just with a card. That sounds kindda scary.

And yay! We got the same fave song!!~~

Enjoy ur holidays gurl!