Friday, November 2, 2007


and for once, she feels warmth.. she feels comfort.. is this what love feels like? she knows she doesnt deserve it. "get out, stay out, don mess with my life" was what she once told someone else.. will that happen again? will the sense of being captured, tied, and bound to obligations be the cause for taking flight and running away again?



and... regret might not be too far away..

but what is that warm feeling? what is that sense of joy? what is the semi-melting feeling she gets whenever he's around?
it's like waking up to warm sunshine and a soft breeze blowing through the window, like walking on the beach, ankle deep in the sea water.
maybe her decision wasnt that bad afterall. but is it love? or is it just a sense of comfort for her?

she has yet to know..


dominiqueban said...

to know or not is a matter of time..just lead a happy life...cheers..=P

Shu said...

gong xi gong xi for your new found love. XD

Chen Yi said...

just live life by the day :P