Sunday, November 4, 2007

She knows...

U tell me u’re in love with me,
Like u cant take away ur pretty eyes away from me,
It’s not that I don wanna stay,
But when u come too close I move away.

I wanna believe in everything that u sae,
Coz it sounds so good.
But if u really want me, move so.
There’s things about me u just have to know

Sometimes I run,
Sometimes I hide
Sometimes I’m scared of u,
But all I really want is to hold u tight
Treat u right,
Be with u day and night,
Baby all I need is time.

I don wanna be so shy,
Everytime I am alone I wonder why
Hope that u will wait for me,
You’ll see that, u’re the only one for me

I’ll just hang around and u’ll see,
There’s no where I’d rather be,
If u love me, trustingly
The way that i, trust in u

Somehow, that lyrics suits her. She’s so used to her freedom and her own company that any person who tries to invade her own private world will be met with resistance. It’s her natural instinct. A wall that separates her and protects her from the harsh, harsh world outside. She is confused.. love is a forbidden fruit that is in her reach. Once she eats it, she’s had it. But if she doesnt eat it, she knows she will be overcome with temptation so strong, it’s just so hard to deny. so what is she to do? what will she do? to take, is to give, and she noes that. is she willing to give more than what she thinks she will? she has yet to noe the answer..


dominiqueban said...

the answer lies in the just let time tell tales...

Chen Yi said...

Sometimes! love this song to the core.. listened to it dunno how many trilion times before hee hee.

dun worry too much. "worrying is like a rocking chair, it gives you something to do but it gets u nowhere" haha when u start worrying, tell yrself this.

time will tell! and there's a solution to everything.