Saturday, January 19, 2008


I CAN NEVER BE A GOOD BLOGGER... yep... i'm just way too lazy to update my blog. =.='' seriously, i think it's the placing of my laptop.. I'M CURENTLY SITTING ON THE FLOOR TYPING THIS. that is not good for my posture and my back. i need to apply a new line... and fix up the cables to my study room. my back has been giving me signals that if i continue going on like this, i'll have crooked spine sooner or later. which, inadvertantly gets me to the point of money. I NEED $$!!!

i just spent rm 115 on just one skirt from esprit (couldn resist the 50% off) and another rm 30 on a sandal from Vincci(gotta hand it to them, they produce cheap but GOOD sandals) Went to Queensbay with dominique,danny,amy and eddy. AND!!! i saw one top from GAP!!!! baby blue in color.. i want it i want it i want it!!! but unfortunately, i din bring enuf cash with me. oh well, gonna go grab it next week. (CNY is usually my shopping spree time.Do not lecture me on spending conservatively at this time. it'll just go in one ear and out the other in the space of one nanosecond) and at this very second i'm typing this blog, my boyfriend is complaining that the top is too revealing. (typical male =.=''')

=.= after all the shopping and window shopping, i do indeed feel that i am getting brand conscious. and a lil bit materialistic. but i'd rather spend more on just one suit that'll last me then on one whole bunch that'll run color on the first wash. or became some unknown thingy that went through the wringer, or shrink up to the size of a baby suit.

shirley!!!!! what a surprise to see u on the tag board!!! ^^ i hope langkawi wont be a bore for u. (i'm hoping it's not for ur sanity's interest. the sloooowww moving pace and the slooowwwww service there can really drive a person insane at times)
be back in langkawi by the 5th. see u there then!

oh ya... and i recently listened back to leo ku's song, oi dak tai ci. i didn, til this day, know about the real meaning of the song until dominique translated it in his blog(upon my request too). here's the link to dom's blog :: i was stunned. literrally,and firguratively, i was really stunned by the beauty of that really reflects on the way live is led, the small nothings that we tend to miss out. that small nothings could not mean anything to us, but until the day we lose it, we will know the true meaning of those small nothings. and then, we'll regret the loss of it. "in our life, we'll meet 3 friends. the first, we will meet 'loss', then we'll meet 'regret', and at last, we'll know 'cherish'." how true, dont u think?

i'm sleepy... been out whole day... i need sleep!!! kayz.. i guess this is all there is to it. try listening to the song. and know the meaning of it. i promise u, it'll be worth the effort. it touched my heart in so many ways.

no songs this time... i am tired. =.=''


dominiqueban said...

zhui sam thung si~ oi tuck tai chi~

LOL...aiyoh zharbo, u dun need software la. just need to upload it. click on the pic icon on the compose page.

summore, if u type my blog link there, it won't appear as a link. u need to click on that small green thing on the compose page and put the link there.

the top? revealing meh? aiyoh i missed it..i went to buy tics la. eddy must be drooling =X

ck kor ar? he lousy blog nvr leave comment.woohoo~

ck said...

walao... read liao no leave comment also tiok complain .... errrr.... not really revealing la...juz tat nowadays bare a bit of skin also dangerous d u know..

hmmm... maybe the ukm minded M's have corrupted my mind .... u know la... all pao from head to toe de..

aiks tat's it for this time. more to come in ur coming blogs. i'll leave comments d dun worry dear...

Shu said...

Wow that's a really sweet top!! How much is it? Must buy must buy~ I support cos i LOVE blue colour! ^^
It's not revealing la plz. There are some tops that are so revealing that u can't possibly wear it with a bra. Those la, not so secure. =P

ck said...

aiks... sry la... ck <<<<< old fashion minded de .... hahaha... nice top ^_^ all must buy ah =X

Joyce said...

CK > yer.... ask u leave some comment also complain... cannot like that wan la... i blog til so susah n u read for free meh? ^^


BAN > oops... sumimasen.. i'll be sure to make a correct link next time ^^ thanks for the pointers

dominiqueban said...

yerr~ i post comment first but u reply ck kor first. hmph!!!mai translate for u d!!!!

dann said...

sweat lo... why must need google account to post comment?

for a moment our name seems to have the same sound at the end of it. dominique, danny, amy, eddy... plus joy-cy!

being materialistic? you should have step in "forever 21" while at queen-sy-bay. first franchise in penang. though wearing them wont exactly gonna make you foreveerrr... (better stop here, else im gonna be killed) =P

about that top, give it a go. it easily fit into dark colored pants or jeans. wrap with a cardigan might actually looks nice. well, just a thought.

P.S. after weeks of consideration, finally i brought that SHIRT!!! oops... too excited. today, first day of eating bread. 6 days to go... =(

Shirley Khor said...

JOYCE!!! I think this is my 1st comment on ur blog, right? :P

U know why I RARELY visit ur blog? Cos u RARELY update it XD Haha! Just kidding. No hard feelings :P

Anyways...I LOVE THAT BLUE TOP! It fits u perfectly & most importantly...It makes u look thinner (or izit cos of the mirror) Haha! Just joking...

I went to Bangkok and 'sao hui' for CNY. BKK is a shopping paradise! Going there again in MAY. I hope I wont be hindered by any assignments during that week :(

Shirley Khor said...

Oh! Langkawi is DAMN boring >.< Please! Get me out of here! It's driving me insane!

Joyce said...

LOL!!! bored of the boooring life in langkawi? wanna get away? easy!! just don work there =.=''' i did asked u right, "are you sure u wanna stay there?"