Monday, January 21, 2008

badminton and an ugly mood...

first n foremost, the skirt i bought. (shu i did this for ur benefit)

yesterday's badminton was actually quite knowledgable. eddy managed to teach me on the serving part. i can serve better now!! however... i cant help feeling like a noob or a small kid that needs someone to repeat and repeat all over again. i know the basics, it's just that my hand refuses to cooperate. and my wrist isn't strong enuf la!!!! cannot serve high back. =.= pls don ask me stupid questions like, "why u cant serve to the back?" there is a difference between a gal and a guy's strength u noe? ~duh~ and after that... i was filled with a hideous need, almost a desire, to win. and, becoz of that, i made lots of blunders. =.='' i know i know. it's only a game. which, after that made my mood a little black. i wasnt happy with the outcome. and after i came back home, i lectured myself on the stupidity. everyone had one of these days i guess.

I AM HAVING A STIFF BACK NOW... WITH COLD COMPRESS "KOH YOK" (plaster) ON IT. alright.. this is the place i am sitting everyday.. look for yourself :

this is definately not good for my back. =.='' the computer/lappy is my life. so u can imagine how many hours i spent on that green cushion. i really really really gotta have that streamyx line fixed up soon. sobs. ='( after CNY ... i'll have the $$ by then. >.<

uploading an old song of jordan chan here. it's called "chui siu ci gak" by the way. think most of u will know the song. thanks to dominique, i listened to this song again. lols. and now it's repeating in my head. i'm still waiting for him to translate it~


dominiqueban said...

no nit to talk about that skirt cause i saw u wearing it. LOL.

ugly mood everyday also got 1 la but i recently found out you are not such a good actor after all. cannot hide mood. maybe that the nature of girls. forever write everything on their face. LOL.

enjoy life point stress yourself over sth that is just not in your control.

u can choose not to do something but maybe by doing that something, u can maintain peace and happiness. why not do it? you should know what i'm talking about.


Shirley Khor said...

Erm~Joyce...1 question: "Are u colour-blind?" I don't think ur cushion is green. More like old gold colour :P Hehe~

Yeah, sometimes I do have one of those days. I will just be quiet the whole day and won't wanna speak to anyone. I will rather not talk because if someone tries to provoke me, I tentu meletup 1 >.< I will rather show my mood so that no one will get hurt if they know that I'm in a foul mood XP

ck said...

first of all, nice skirt. i'm sure it'll look good on u.

hmmm badminton. y so stress =.="" u dun expect a child to walk when he/she 's juz born right. u dun play tat often, so it's normal. if u continue and learn, i'm sure u will have major improvements next time around.

bout ur seat.... only =.="""""""""" nth u can do bout it until u fix ur streamyx ba. hmm. maybe use ur bro's com instead while they aren't around.

btw... is tat a green colour cushion???? it looks yellowish to me.

Shu said...

Yeah the skirt is cute! But RM115 seems like a bit expensive hor. Good thing that it can be easily matched with any top, especially when wearing to college or hanging out.
Hmm.. hope u fix up ur streamyx soon or get a longer wire so you can use your laptop on a table and sit on a proper chair.

Joyce said...

ban> erm... don really get what u mean but i'll ponder it.

shirley> i know... it looks gold in the picture. maybe coz it's the lighting? but it definately looks green now. =.= more towards olive green.

CK> it is greeen!!! =.= lighting.. i'm not colorblind..

Shu > swt... i know it's expensive. but it's esprit!! and at 50% i cant refuse it!!

Joyce said...
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