Thursday, January 24, 2008

more to come..

so many things i wanna sae!!! there's more to come!!! but i cant do it now.. too many assignments.. @_@ arghhh... stress =.=

ok... featuring in next blog would be :

1. my new clothes
2. my experience in queensbay while buying it
3. my weeklong reoccuring tummy discomforts
4. my assignments
5. my erm... nething i missed out here? =.=

oh ya... the new mulung town in maplestory. don miss out!!

(i'm actually bored of doing my assignments, and wanna blog something here, but i cant spend too much time here, and cant just ignore my blog either. DILEMMA. u get the point)



dominiqueban said...

aiyoyo...more to meh? LOL..

dann said...

joycy go diet? wow...

Chen Yi said...

let's go weiwei together i think that would be more effective and an easier way to slim down.

but we gotta go rob a bank to have some ka-ching first. T_T

ck said...

mai stress mai stress.... chill ~~~~ is the word again....

take everything slowly and u'll be surprised how everything turned out to be... from *Ck*

slimming ar... no need d la .. now ok what... eating habits control a bit and exercise more can liao la... or follow my sports intensive lesson can liao. Confirm u lose a few pounds and go bla bla bla ~~~~ work it ... * juz for u ban *

Joyce said...

ban> yea.. i'm trying to promote my blog..

dann> don sae like it's impossible for me!!

meow yi> yea, let's go to weiwei's together. i can trim my tummy fats n u can lessen the "pao-ness" on ur cheeks. XD

CK> hmmm... i think ur intensive activity planning might kill me. or land me in bed for a few days after that due to muscle aches. =.='' but still, at least i get to do something with u instead of being far away from u. T_T