Saturday, January 26, 2008

living under one roof.. is sex unevitable?

hmmm... just got off maple. and now i'm thinking of a question..

"does living together under the same roof necessarily means that the couple had sexual relations?"

i asked dominique that question, and he answered me,

"not necessarily. but 2 genders living under one roof, wad u expect?"

i think this is a debatable question.. and to my opinion, 9 out of 10 couples who live under the same room had sexual relations. (a person gotta be numb not to feel those, erm... urges?, when in the same bed)

open question here, so wad u guys think?


ck said...

no comments from ck this time around LOLZ...

Chen Yi said...

er. i think even if a couple who lives together hasn't had sex before, people will still automatically assume that they have had sex. it's the so-called "modernised" and "open" thinking lo.(i HATE people who look down at others just bcuz they deem that a specific group of people not OPEN enuf.. or too traditional thinking. what's wrong with a conservative mindset??)DUH~

even though *ahem* sexual urges, like u said, may be aroused..hmm.. ultimately it's still up to self discipline lah. Say TAK NAK!!! and noone can u force u to do smth u're unwilling to commit ^_^

dominiqueban said...

aiyoh same roof not necessary same bed right? seperate room la..hahas..but then seriously la....u cannot make ppl not to think the way they wanna think...

even a couple which does not live under the same roof also ppl say they 'do' before la.

haiz...just ignore la..

got do or no do non of their business right? LOL. MYOB~