Saturday, January 26, 2008


OK, HERE'S HOW IT GOES, i went to queensbay mall the day before, mainly to grab that blue top i was talking about. so, i head out of home with my mommy at around 6pm, and went straight to queensbay, searched a hell long time for a parking space, and then, proceeded to GAP.

and to my HORROR OF HORRORS, i couldn find the size i wanted. it was not in display. see how it goes ::

me > mom!!!! no more my size!! *cries*
mom > really? oh no.. why don u ask the sales lady?
me > ahem, miss? do u have a size XS on this garment?
salesperson > sorry,miss. i think we cleared out that size. why dont u try the other colors?
me > oh no... *cries again and went to try on a few pair of jeans*


salesperson > miss? we have one more left for this size. here u are.
me > YIPEEE!!!! *tries out the top with the pair of jeans*
mom > hey... that jeans look nice on u. wanna grab that too?
me > *wearing an expression like heaven just reached the place i am*

here's all the new clothings i bought (3 pieces only)

i'm quite satisfied of the clothings i bought ^^ (although it costs me a lot, but still, i'm satisfied. that's what counts right?)

oh and another thing! the Sakae Sushi receipts i collected since November has accumulated to RM478.xx!! i'm just another RM30 away from getting my Sakae VIP card! YAY!!


ck said...

lolz... finally got those u drooling to have. still wanna shop and get another 1 or 2 more?... important is satisfaction... but will have to have bottomless pocket in order to do more of tat though.

yay!! got sushi card.... means cheaper sushi and food ? f3 asking a lame question =.=

Joyce said...

errrr... not too sure about the benefits. but i think got discounts. >.< i'm a card collector where food is concerned. O.O

Chen Yi said...

yayy then I'm also RM30 away from having a friend who owns a Sakae Sushi VIP card... Lol

i was thinking can't wait to see u in yr new clothes....but that would have to be after new year. and it's not like they're the type of clothes that you would wear to college right? except the jeans. so i was thinking.. next sem maybe...

and then it dawned on me that there will be no more NEXT SEM!!! snifff....not like i dun wanna graduate la. in fact i cant wait for this sem to end, no thanks to that hypnotising and LOUSY lecturer @_@
just too used to going sem after sem and suddenly all is coming to a halt. must take time to adapt to the change. zzzzz

dominiqueban said...

LOL..chen yi...u think joyce can tahan till new year to wear those clothes??

muahaha...she wore it already. if u wanna see hor just ask her wear lo..wuhuhu..

joyce~ ...since u need rm30 for a sushi card y not treat me sia? lol...

y must u purposely capitalise the XS? scared ppl dunno you wearing XS issit?

Joyce said...

LOL!!! this is the first time i buy a piece of clothings at size XS. =.='' too happy. or does that mean my "poh" isint big enuf? as for the treat, i think it's coming soon.. IN UR DREAMS.

cyi, I WILL MISS U!!! sobs. even though i want to graduate badly, but it's sad to see different faces sitting beside me. T_T oh well, as u said, gotta adapt to it soon. not like we don have the net and phone huh?

Chen Yi said...
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Chen Yi said...

ol.. so sexy.. sure wear in front of guys nia la. ^^ oo now you're admitting yr poh aint big enuf?? ya la mangoesteen tiny mangoesteen *ngek ngek*

ya u will have different faces sitting with u soon.. u're surely gonna miss the mountains on my face cuz in 1.5 months time you'll be surrounded by flatlands instead

i sound vague i hope u know what i mean :P